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Helpful: equipment suitable for handling standard box when the work space requires emptying by a frontal overturning.

Productive: high efficiency of the hydraulic circuit making the machine powerful, compact and fast. Assorted in two sizes, dynamic range is at the top of the category with its 1000 kg effective tested.

Safe: our box tippers are forged by 30 years experience and are developed with the most modern devices for a tenacious grip of the box, even in shaking operations.

Robust: the experience gained enables us to develop equipment for industrial environment where incidental impacts always could occur.


- Cathaphoresis anti-corrosion treatment;

- Inox version AISI 316;

- Adapters for multi-standards boxes.


Distinctive characteristics : It overturns the boxes with a single control lever frontally.

Unloading angle (°) : 120

Materials : Structure in non-alloy steel (S355JR)

Finish Painted

Options : - Cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment; - Inox version AISI 316; - *Customizable.

Accessories : - Adapters for multi-standards boxes.

RF 1000

Weight (kg) : 175

Dynamic capacity (kg) : 1000

RF 500

Weight (kg) : 170

Dynamic capacity (kg) : 500


(A) Machine Length standard (mm) : 1445

(A*) Machine Length non standard (mm) : 1520

(B1) Maximum Height (mm) : 945

(C) Shoulder Width (mm) : 745

(C1*) Machine Width (mm) : 665

(D) Minimum Height (mm) : 470

(D1) Maximum Height (mm) : 750

(E) Working Length standard (mm) : 1140

(E*) Working Length non std (mm) : 1215


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