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Helpful: traditional solution focused to the handling and overturnig of square or rectangular boxes as well, for non-corrosive goods in contact with the upper locking arm.

Versatile: boxes clamp rotator applicable to all forklifts; just a single control lever thet allows to hold and side-overturn a multi-standard sizes of boxes. It uses the original forks of the forklift so you can adjust its spacing.

Productive: high efficiency of the hydraulic circuit makes the machine powerful, compact and fast. Load capacity is at the top of the category: static 1500 kg, dynamics 600 kg.

Easy: The attachment to the fork-lift is easy, safe and simply.

Tailored: available on request for rectangular bins.


Distinctive characteristics It allows to lock and empty the bins with a single lever.

Rotation (°) 155

Static capacity (kg) 1500

Dynamic capacity (kg) 600

Materials Structure in non-allo steel (S355JR)

Finish Painted

Options Cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment

Accessories - FEM 3 Hook -Bins' presser adapter of 1000 mm


(A) Length (mm) 1540

(B) Height (mm) 1010

(B1) Height (mm) 1270 (1)

(C) Width (mm) 1000

(D) Bins' Height (mm) 580

(D1) Bins' Height (mm) 760

(D2) Bins' Height (mm) 1000 (1)

(E) ISO FEM2 Hook (mm) 407

(1) Bins' presser adapter of 1000 mm


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