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Versatile: multi-standard nippeer, for a wide range of box containers. Requires just one hydraulic line, unidirectional rotation. Complete with fork holder bar.

Performing: powerful, compact and fast thanks to the hydraulic high efficiency. Load capacity at the top of the category: static 2000 kg, dynamic 1000 kg effective.

Easy: to install and to pilot

Comfortable: wide view thanks to the elimination of the upper arm, you can leave mounted in stand-by thanks to be a not intrusive equipment. Retractable upper claw.

Safety: reliable box locking performance thanks to the patented dual-function cylinder and the rubber pad.

Durable: thanks to its flexibility and robustness, even ideal for rental fleets, it preserrves value over time as used or regenerated.

Tailored: custom claws; fork-mounted adaptor; Inox version;


Distinctive characteristics It completes the handling with the Locking and emptying of multi-standard boxes with a single control lever.

Static capacity (kg) 2000

Dynamic capacity (kg) 1000 (1)

Weight (kg) 240

Rotation (°) 155

Packaging 1200 x 1000 x 700 mm

(mm) 260

Materials - Structure in non-alloy steel (S355JR)

Finish Painted

Options - Inox - Galvanizing - Cataphoresis

Accessories lower Pressor for bins with central-foot; Customized pressors; on request adjustments can be made for oversized boxes.

(1) effective


(A) Minimum Height (mm) 700

(A1) Maximum Height (mm) 1290

(B1-B2) Ride (mm) 429 703

(B3-B4) Ride (mm) 729 1003

(B4) Bins' maximum Height (mm) 1030

(C) Depth (mm) 423

(D) Width (mm) 1000

(E) ISO FEM2 Hook (mm) 407

(F) Presser's size (mm) 238 (1)

(F1) Central foot's size (mm) 110 (1)

(1) customizable


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