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Helpful: to move and to overturns semirigid plastic drums; the soft distribution of the contact points of the clamp preserves the drum from stress, compression and puffs of the content.

Versatile: for all types of forklifts with FEM connection. Available in two control versions: to grasp and overturns the drums with a single control lever or with a separate control to hold / to overturn thenks to the trolleys provided with the fourth hydraulic line.

Productive: the high efficiency of the hydraulic circuitry makes the machine powerful, compact and fast.

Easy: thanks to a practical and safe coupling socket it optimizes discontinuous use. Prevention of liquid puffs ensures a clean environment and prevents corrosion.

Anti corrosion: to move liquids with high chemical aggressiveness (for example brine). Structural components are in stainless steel processed with 3 chemical anticorrosion treatments (ASTM certified).

Tailored: Stainless steel adapter for fastening - ultra-fast release or greater reach from the trolley.


Distinctive characteristics A single hydraulic line for two drives: it allows to grab and empty the drums with a single control lever.

Drum's diameter (mm) 600

Materials Stainless steel -AISI 316 - structure subjected to 3 post-welding treatments (international standard ASTM A380 ASTM A967): - decontamination of sheet metal from processing residues. - pickling of welded areas. - electro-chemical passivation for the transfer of stainless steel (ASTM 967)

Finish Certifications of conformity: - Salt mist test (ASTM B117). - Standard test for detecting and interstitial corrosion resistance of stainless steels and alloys related to the use of ferric chloride solution (ASTM G48-11). - Stabilization of the stainless properties of ASTM 967).

Options Separate controls

Accessories FEM 3 Hook - Forkabled adapter; - Adapter for drums with Ø300 mm.


Dynamic capacity (kg) 300

Weight (kg) 203

Rotation (°) 185


(A) Length (mm) 1030

(B) Width (mm) 925

(B1) Width at the opening (mm) 1145

(C) Height (mm) 656

(D) ISO FEM2 Hook (mm) 407


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